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'Steel Shooter' - DFG: Resource/item projectiler
A boy/man with {wearing what?}. He has what is best described as "gauntlets" attached to each on each arm from the wrist to halfway to the elbow, with "tubes" (not hanging, but...) underneath; cylindrical pieces of technology that each house an iron ball. The tubes can open up on either side to release the ball, thanks to controller buttons on each gauntlet's handle held within each hand.
[real name: Frank?]
[a buff person who is also smart?][a buff and a smart or a few?][a smart who leverages his genius?]{obvious WIP}
Stances and movement:
Stand n/u: Standing with stance similar to Guile, but his arms are held horizontal at his sides. 
Walk forwards f/uf: Upper body doesn't move; walks at moderate speed, doesn't gallop.
Walk backwards b/ub: Upper body doesn't move; walks at moderate speed.
Crouch d/df/db: Upper body doesn't move; squats down.
n; Straight, quick punch
f; Elbow jab down. High startup for a normal, but hits overhead and guards high thr
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'Bounding Spectrum' - DFG: Rushdown Jumper
[Latest edit: added better visual description, added backstory]
Character and Image:
Stage name Sylvia; real name Sierra. She's a harlequin in a colorful two-tone suit {default blue and green} with a {default red} ball as a "tail" and her face covered in makeup {default solid yellow, with red accents and shapes}, but that mostly describes her attitude, not her jobs or skills. She's acrobatic, balanced, and good with her legs. She's bouncy, bubbly, and cheerful, and loves to put on a show.
Outside of the costume and makeup, while it's not that she's not herself, observant people can notice the stage persona bleeding through. She's bubbly yet contained; however sometimes she does or says something showing great enthusiasm for an otherwise...serious, or boring, or dire situation. ex."Hey, you done with that cigarette? There's a roman candle we brought, but we forgot the matches."
[For those who want to picture her in detail: The costume is green and blue, with each colo
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Meshing Mechanics: Smash Bros. and PS All-Stars
How to balance not only the gameplay, but the systems of two very distinct but believably meshable games? Start with a faithful recreation of both, and alter and add subsystems to each to allow them to interact appropriately.
Let's start with the rundown of each, separately.
First off: Items omitted. There is no way I can think of to get those to mesh. With the exceptions of item-spawning moves, of course; those would get their own inputs unique to them and how each one is used.
For PSASBR characters:
    Controls for Nintendo*:
*Let's be honest here, I'm not messing with the controls for the original systems. That said, this is how I would map the controls to make them more accessible and natural to those with experience playing the other game. They would be customizable anyways, so you do you.
Standard controller (Wii U Gamepad, Wii Classic Controller, Wii U Pro Controller)
Left stick: Move
X/Y: Jump
A: Attack 1
Smash input or A+B or right stick(option)* (or eit
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'Silent Wall' - DFG: Full Defense
Character and Image:
He's not exactly young young, but his age and height (only slightly shorter than average) are sufficiently low enough that it would not be wrong to call him "boy". He remains silent at most all times, fitting his costume and self-characterization as a mime. This does not, however, make him a silent observer, and if he sees something he doesn't approve of he won't hesitate to get involved, in-character or out of it.
[WIP:] His real name may be Timothy. Or anything else, really; haven't thought about that aspect very much.
Story and Backstory (completely WIP):
He was never strong, didn't talk much, and got bullied constantly. They were never fast, and usually beat him down with one strong punch. He learned to block, recover, and after knocking them down instead, run away. Eventually, he learned to stay and fight, and after hitting them, get his guard back up until they couldn't hit him back in fear of retaliation. He learned to love to fight, wheneve
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Dream Fighting Game character template
Character and Image:
I'm not an artist, so unless I commission, I can't supply much more than a mental image...sorry about that. What I can do is describe the character and what they look like, and what they do, for a living or otherwise. Pretty much a semi-longform Dramatis Personae.
Story and Backstory:
Anything to know about this character's past, recent or otherwise, will be found in here. Keep in mind I don't have this completely hashed out for the general story of the game, let alone per character, so this section or the previous may be blank or incomplete, or littered with notes to self.
Stances and movement:
Grounded movement options, and which arrow keys perform each one. Also describes a bit of how each character is standing or otherwise in each stance.
You hold some keys and hit the N button, you get one of these. For the most part, these are safer options to just throw out than uniques. You'll mostly find quick strikes in here, along with some blocks and on occasio
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Rushed 'works by NiGHTcapD Rushed 'works :iconnightcapd:NiGHTcapD 0 0 A way by NiGHTcapD A way :iconnightcapd:NiGHTcapD 0 2
Dream Fighting Game
Most fighting games have nine positions on the joystick that matter: Up, Down, Left, Right, all four diagonals, and the neutral position. Most attacks are done with each button, others are done with the stick being in a certain position while pressing one or more buttons, still more moves are performed with stick motions and buttons in tandem.
Super Smash Bros. utilizes the full range of motion on its joystick, and has different functions for all of its buttons. Blocking and jumping, assigned to the stick in other fighters, have their own buttons. Attacks are split between normal and special, each with their own dedicated button.
However, more often than not, movesets and combos are completely nontransitional between the two styles, due to vastly differing controls and goals. Pokken Tournament is a good example of bringing Smashlike controls into more standard fighting game type gameplay; but it takes place in a 3D field as well as a 2D duel "phase", so this was basically a r
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Them's Fightin' Herds: Etalus moveset (fake)
Etalus is a heavy character, with a balance between zoning capabilities and a hard-hitting combo game. Even in comparison to the rest of the cast, he's HUGE but more horizontal then he is vertical, leaving him susceptible to angled attacks from above but lowering his vulnerability to crossups. Despite packing a parry mechanic like Absa, he does come equipped with a command throw-the only one in his home series!-and is otherwise horizontal where Absa is vertical. Despite both hailing from Aether, the two are nothing alike.
{Move descriptions taken from his movelist in Rivals of Aether.}
5A: Jab 1
5B: Jab 2
5C: Jab 3
2A: down tilt 1
2B: down tilt 2
2C: dash attack
j.A: neutral aerial
j.B: back aerial (used forwards)
j.C: down aerial
Command normals:
3C: up tilt (Universal launcher)
j.6C: forward aerial (functions as a block if held)
j.4C: back aerial (used backwards)
QCF.(A/B/C): forward tilt
Creates ice on the floor as well as doing damage. Light is as qui
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Divekick character idea: Alt (fake)
Dive button: Advance
Kick button: Retreat
Both buttons: Jump
Air Dive: Guard (only headshots damage, otherwise opponent bounces back on hit and you crash with brief stun)
Air Kick: Kick (Air-to-air outwards strike)
Air Both: Divekick
Kick Factor: Standard controls
Ground special: Short (Ground-to-ground, very close range)
Air special: Counter (Opponent kicks you, joke's on them. Guards against, but doesn't counter, headshots.)
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Them's Fightin' Herds: Absa quotes (fake)
Match open: Today, I am your Rival.
Match open: Ready for a storm?
Round win: More peaceful than Aether.
Round win: You are no Wrastor.
Round win (sliver): Need a recharge...
Timer loss/tie: What, no sudden death?
Perfect round: If the fights are so easy, maybe I'll never need to fight again?
Vs. Arizona
Absa: I hear you believe the future is for the young?
Arizona: Yisseree!
Absa win: For Aether's sake, I hope you're right...
Arizona win: I think I just wrassled up a storm cloud!
Arizona: Nice scarf.
Absa: Same to you.
Arizona win: Interesting place to put a cloth...
Absa win: And here I was thinking most of you weren't clothed.
Vs. Velvet
Absa: The cold doesn't bother me.
Velvet: But this might.
Absa win: It's the heat I have problems with.
Velvet win: Certainly gave me a shock there...
Absa Perfect round: Now, if I could borrow some of those oats to study, that would be nice.
Velvet: Ice versus lightning?
Absa: Storm's a-brewin'.
Velvet win: You certainly know a storm.
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Them's Fightin' Herds: Absa moveset (fake)
Absa is a zoning/trap character, in both Foenum and Aether. She, unlike the rest of the cast, can stand upright; and her tall stature makes her easier to combo even as she has an easier time comboing everyone else due to her diverse moveset. While she wants to put the opponent in the middle of herself and the cloud, there are a variety of options for those who get too close-including the parry mechanic, which replaces her throw. Punish parried foes with short, strong combos or long, creative ones-just be careful. Absa is a lightweight on Aether, and while she packs a punch here, she certainly can't take it like most!
{Move descriptions taken from her movelist in Rivals of Aether where applicable. Each move is shown off here:}
{Update: There are other moves taken from other sources as well, particularly Ryu's appearance in Smash Bros. I also name the Street Fighter move it takes after.}
5A: Jab (holdable until blocked, opponent can bl
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mew psycho sword by runde mew psycho sword :iconrunde:runde 25 2 COMM - Sarah JJBA Stand by Atrox-C COMM - Sarah JJBA Stand :iconatrox-c:Atrox-C 173 35 (AT) Olivia by Mime-Control (AT) Olivia :iconmime-control:Mime-Control 11 3 Pixel Cecil! by SGNova Pixel Cecil! :iconsgnova:SGNova 3 32 Poof by cqmorrell Poof :iconcqmorrell:cqmorrell 101 36 Amitie by METTABABE Amitie :iconmettababe:METTABABE 3 2 Luna Game Cube by artist4evergirl Luna Game Cube :iconartist4evergirl:artist4evergirl 2 0 'Nocturnal News' with Maria Notte by goshaag 'Nocturnal News' with Maria Notte :icongoshaag:goshaag 156 26 EVOLUTION! by TysonTan EVOLUTION! :icontysontan:TysonTan 1,465 54 Freedom Fighters Vs Robots by Orcbrother Freedom Fighters Vs Robots :iconorcbrother:Orcbrother 12 43 Maria Notte by KenjiKanzaki05 Maria Notte :iconkenjikanzaki05:KenjiKanzaki05 90 20 Freedom Planet 1 Girls Speedrun Mix by TysonTan Freedom Planet 1 Girls Speedrun Mix :icontysontan:TysonTan 885 35 Elephant Pooltoy Maka by Orcbrother Elephant Pooltoy Maka :iconorcbrother:Orcbrother 25 110 ARMS by Mime-Control ARMS :iconmime-control:Mime-Control 20 2 Leina as a pooltoy shark mermaid by Orcbrother Leina as a pooltoy shark mermaid :iconorcbrother:Orcbrother 9 12 Two Worlds by picano Two Worlds :iconpicano:picano 8 0


United States
I play video games, I plan on designing them too and am learning to program them (better than I already do (which is okay but not great)). Here, you can find what I call "design docs" which describe game characters and mechanics, with a fair bit of both plaintext and jargon as well as speechlike casual commentary.
You'll also find a bit of other stuff here, like occasional photography or a story or two (if I ever get around to finishing any of them).


Save and close
It's me, as Niko from OneShot! My first time cosplaying, this was only a few days ago, I'm not telling you where. Niko Left Right 
If you're good, maybe I'll show you my face Niko 83c 
Next up are stories. Look forward to them soonNiko |3 
Should I start posting TF stories? I'm actually pretty good at them but it would change the focus of my account...then again I haven't posted anything in months, so focus is up for debate...and I am a bit hung with the fighting game stuff. I'd like opinions.
So...I talked to people with experience, and while there are some potentially good ideas in there, it turns out my game is a hodgepodge of solutions looking for problems. I was in the middle of redesgining it but that only makes a few things better. So I'd like to redesign it again, but I'm not sure which of many paths to take.

Controlwise: Joystick+numpad to move and use moves respectively, either with jumping and blocking on nums, joystick, or one on each; or joystick and six buttons (I'd rather not); Joystick, two attack buttons, one special button, block and jump buttons (thinking this one); or something else I haven't thought of.
Gameplay: Platform fighter or flat plain? Smash/PSASBR free-direction or standard 2D FG automatic turn-to-face?

I could also give a new "design document" describing the system once I/you figure it out, or movesets for old or new characters without the description, or character descriptions and story without much gameplay (think OCs).

What do I do?
A boy/man with {wearing what?}. He has what is best described as "gauntlets" attached to each on each arm from the wrist to halfway to the elbow, with "tubes" (not hanging, but...) underneath; cylindrical pieces of technology that each house an iron ball. The tubes can open up on either side to release the ball, thanks to controller buttons on each gauntlet's handle held within each hand.
[real name: Frank?]

[a buff person who is also smart?][a buff and a smart or a few?][a smart who leverages his genius?]{obvious WIP}

Stances and movement:
Stand n/u: Standing with stance similar to Guile, but his arms are held horizontal at his sides. 
Walk forwards f/uf: Upper body doesn't move; walks at moderate speed, doesn't gallop.
Walk backwards b/ub: Upper body doesn't move; walks at moderate speed.
Crouch d/df/db: Upper body doesn't move; squats down.

n; Straight, quick punch
f; Elbow jab down. High startup for a normal, but hits overhead and guards high throughout startup and recovery.
u; Mostly-vertical punch; hold to block high and mid-high
uf; Diagonal palm
b; Reverse elbow

ub; Turn around

d; Kick low (WIP: Ryu crouching LK or MK?) [NTS: can roll balls it hits?]
db; Crouching block

Most of these are the exact same as the N input version, but with the addition of firing an arcing, somewhat heavy projectile from the...gauntlets, let's say, for extra combos and damage. These moves can also be canceled into from their Normal counterparts on hit block or whiff by simply pressing U during recovery; this doesn't repeat the strike however, instead simply getting the projectile out.

The functions are merely approximations, and x and y are not taking t into account. Positive x is in the direction [Frank?] is facing. x=0 is wherever the gauntlet is above the ground. 1 unit is approximately from the floor to shoulder height.

n; From (x, y)= (0, 1) at gauntlet and x increasing from 0, y=-.5(x^2)+1
f; From (x, y)= (0, 1) at gauntlet and x increasing from 0, y=-2x+1. This [hits really hard]/[stuns for relatively long] and hits overhead.
u; From (x, y)= (0, 1.25) at gauntlet, x=0. Hold this one to catch the ball again.
uf; From (x, y)= (0, 1.5) at gauntlet and x increasing from 0, y=-((x-.5)^2)+2
b; From (x, y)= (0, .75) at gauntlet and x decreasing from 0, y=-.5((x+.25)^2)+1

ub; High reverse elbow with (x, y)= (0, 1) at gauntlet and x decreasing from 0, y=-2((x+1)^2)+3; hold to block backwards high and mid-high.

df; Leg pull (throw); cancelable from crouching nN. Will reobtain steel spheres within range.
db; Backwards roll. Will reobtain steel spheres along the way.

Jump options:
Hold J to crouch as if you were holding down. You can perform all moves not involving a down direction (not d/df/db) from a crouching position like this.
Release J while not attacking to jump either straight up, forward, or backward. You also won't jump if you're holding down.

a.nN: Jab 
a.nU: (x, y)= (0, 0) at gauntlet, x increasing, y=-2(x^2)

[a.f](straight? or does he have enough air control already?)

a.(u/uf(/f?))N: Ryu up air (aerial MP) //Can hit aerial opponents twice.
a.(u/uf(/f?))U: (x, y)= (-1, -2) at gauntlet, x increasing, y=-.5((2x)^2)

a.(d/df)N: Ryu down air (aerial HP). Spikes aerial opponents and sets them up for a.dU.
a.(d/df)U: (x, y)= (0, 0) at gauntlet, x increasing, y=-x

a.(b/ub)N: Captain Falcon back air
a.(b/ub)U: (x, y)= (-1, -.125) at gauntlet, x decreasing, y=-.5((.5x)^2)

a.dbN: Tuck and roll; projectile-invincible in midair, invincibly rolls forward a bit more on hitting the floor. Can do damage from the air, and stun/stumble from the ground. Stands facing the opponent regardless. //{is this too much air control for this guy? does he have too much for a zoner, because they do good damage, or do the resource limits do well enough to keep him honest?}
a.dbU: Tuck and roll; invincible in midair, intangibly rolls forward a bit more on hitting the floor. Will recollect steel balls while on the ground. Stands facing the direction opposite of motion. //like a smash bros roll //this prevents/discourages usage from afar to avoid things //you can still be thrown

The fact that you can cancel normals into their corresponding uniques means that [Frank?] has a form of hit-confirmation, so you can decide whether the steel ball comes out or not. The Silent Wall has this too, but he focuses on countering from blocks than attacking from attacks.
Your resources are limited. You only have two balls in play, and once you use them they will lay on the ground for you to reobtain. They do good damage for projectiles, can do chip damage and will block other projectiles, all of which makes them valuable.

At lower levels of competitive play, you'll want to use your projectiles often, to do damage and keep your opponent away from you. You'll want to use them in such ways that allow for easy retrieval, which can be accomplished with any down+unique. If your opponent gets too close and you can hit them, use or confirm into a ball even on block; they do good chip. Threaten constant, heavy damage.
At higher levels, your greatest resource is your most limited one; but not for the same reasons. Instead of simply threatening damage or controlling space with your resources, keep them around to threaten to control that space. Whatever space the opponent can control with their moves, chances are it will lose to a well-placed iron ball, if they don't have an option that's immune to it. They'll have to find a way around it, which is hard when you have more than enough options to cover the entire screen. Their best plan is usually to bait you out of your resources and then approach, but if you're doing it right they will have taken damage from the attempt.
In either case, when they do get close is when you'll have the most problems. You can hit hard but you need to be precise. Know where the opponent can block and try to exploit where they can't. If you still have balls, they're easier to retrieve when used from up close.

Matchups (MUs):
Black and White and Gray/Deflector and Reflective
Your POV: He can block your balls, but he'll still get chipped. He can guard against them, but then he'll be helping return them to you due to hitting them back, and he can't cover all angles with his guard moves. He can shoot them out of the air, but he'll need to be accurate. /*Maybe he should be rewarded for making that shot by destroying the ball?...naaah*/ This means you can give him a choice of defenses by tossing from afar, or save your balls for a close-up assault to /*shot-*/put the hurt on him.
His POV: Despite the projectiles, the real challenge is when you're up close and personal. You can block and react to the projectiles; but his melee is tough to read and can be just as precise as your guarding. If you get a read, capitalize immediately; don't forget that he can cancel too. Try to get between him and his balls if you can.
Intriguing interactions: Both J buttons. The mime's J options - all of them, even the finger gun - can be shut down reasonably well with uN or crouching. In turn, the techie's can be reacted to in varying ways, but mostly fN and ufN; with uN/uU being the jackpot if he jumps wrong or tries to cross you up or (Daigo forbid) tries an aerial roll.

With Gravity and Gravitas
His POV: If she is close, don't waste your balls. You will need them to defend against jumping assaults. From range, feel free to use ranged tosses if you are sure you can hit her, but know the price for missing is high. And when you do land a hit with a round, be sure to retrieve it as fast as possible. If she does get close, try various combinations of jumping directions, heights of release, and U to scare her from jumping.
Her POV: Do not, I repeat do not perform Tramp Axle or Tuck-jump Tumbler if he has balls. Not only can he shoot you out of the sky, he can jump backwards and drop one to intersect your landing position. You need to stay at range and bait him into playing dodgeball. If you ever do get in between him and both of his resources, get in fast to go to town.
Intriguing interactions: her uN can catch your balls, but she needs to be accurate as all getout. She will then juggle it in front of her; it acts as a one-use guard. She can throw it like Cody's Bad Stone with bN if it hasn't already been hit out of her hands.

System addendums: For standing characters on the ground, there are 10 zones to block: front and back of high, midhigh, middle, midlow, low. Crouching and ducking characters often have less by some degree, but are vulnerable to attacks that hit "overhead"; which are often aerial attacks that apply force down moreso than forward. Aerial characters also have less, and in different positions; eight cardinal directions, four diagonal quadrants, four quadrants plus above and's alot more freeform and less strict in the air, though it's not nearly as important as most characters can't air block.
Two new types of projectiles: hitscan and solid. Hitscan projectiles move quickly - if not instantly - and will go right through most energy-based fireballs. Even Penetrator is not safe. It will cancel out Block on hit though. Solid projectiles are just that, and will either block or penetrate any energy-based projectile they run into. If it doesn't penetrate, it will fall or be knocked back. (An arrow or spike would go through even a Block; steel balls would probably roll back.) Solids can block Hitscan.
'Steel Shooter' - DFG: Resource/item projectiler
Inspiration(s): Science, technology, I was reading Frankenstein (the original novel)
Nickname(s): The Steel Shooter

The first idea I had for this character was a jumping character that puhed out their palm and a projectile fell out in a curved pathway, towards the ground. That initial vision led to the creation of this character, whose projectiles are solid and will not break apart upon impacts. Fireballs, balls of actual fire, electricity, poison, all not solid; ice, missiles, and even bullets leave nothing useful behind after shooting them, and none of them fall to gravity, with rare exception of course. The item and reusability aspects are also not completely new to the genre, but rare: Millia Rage's hairpin in Guilty Gear and Cody Travers' knife in Street Fighter for example. For once, gameplay came first in this design.
Next up I'm polishing what I have so far...starting with the system. Yesterday in a Discord, I got my ass verbally, but politely, handed to me in terms of my mechanics, so I'm trimming away some of the fat and fixing up the mechanics. As stated, "Characters really don't work unless the system they're built on works..." so I'm making a better system. I was always building off off faulty mechanics; patching the holes won't work. Time to rebuild. But don't worry: I'm leaving the completed versions of what I have up, probably making new versions more in line with the better design choices. Never know when they might come in handy.
With some spellchecking and formatting by myself.

    And now, I ask and answer a question to see how my phrasing of it works out.
    "What is a game?"
    What is it that makes a game a game and not just an activity. How does a game and an activity differ?
    Well, I define a game as; "A structured active activity meant to provide enjoyment."
    This definition has several important key points that need to be defined to understand the elegance of this definition and how it applies to various things we experience.
    First, what is an activity? In short, it is anything that can be described as a verb.
    Watching, sleeping, playing, running, working; all activities.
    The difference is the qualifier. Active vs. Passive.
    The difference in doing unto the activity and having the activity done unto you. Watching TV is a passive activity. Changing the channel is an active activity, if a bit short lived in most cases.
    So, we now understand, together, how games are an active activity, an event we perform, but work is another active activity. How do games and work differ then?
    It is in the "meant to provide entertainment" part.
    Work is meant to provide a service, usually in exchange for currency. Games are meant to provide entertainment.
    It is the goal of the activity that helps determine if it is a game or not.
    Whether it is an educational tool that is just meant to facilitate learning, or a game that has learning as a benefit.
    And then there is the last qualifier. Structure.
    These can be rules. These can be guidelines. Regardless, there must be structure.
    All games are a form of play.
    A subcategory if you will.
    And unstructured, imaginative play, the sort seen in children, is a good thing. But it is not a game.
    It is an activity.
    It is fun.
    It is when rules start getting implemented. That if you step pass this line you are out. That moving this piece of plastic in a specific manner is an acceptable way to move said piece of plastic. It is the rules that turn a box of cardboard, plastic, and wood into a board GAME. It is the rules that turn tossing an oblong shaped ball around that turn an activity into the GAME of football.
    And it is when people want to watch people professionally or semiprofessionally play said game that the game turns into a sport.
    Hopefully you enjoyed this half baked thought from this half baked cat. I am signing out for the night. Fare thee well.
I write stories sometimes. I can speak a good-and fitting-rhyme if given only a few minutes time.
If someone wants me to write something, send me a note telling the possible inspiration. I may get on it.
Also, due to IRL stuff, I am very well practicred at the art of back-and-forth storytelling, which manifests with my brother as "whisper gaming" even though it's more of an "artifact title", online as roleplaying and CYOAs, and here as whatever the heck you want to come at me with.
Anyways, that's me on DeviantArt in a nutshell, and speaking of which, my favorite line of Shakespeare, ever.
"I could be bounded in a nutshell, and count myself a king of infinite space, were it not that I have bad dreams." -Hamlet


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